Earn Loyalty Rewards

All our customers on Aqua Fanatic will now earn loyalty rewards on purchases.

How Does it Work?

We give 2% loyalty rewards on all purchases. When you order on our website and complete your purchase, you get the 2% as credit on your account which you can then apply on future orders again. Applying loyalty rewards to future orders will subtract the credit from the total price.

You can now shop aquarium products online at the best prices in South Africa and earn back in loyalty rewards while you are at it. We want you to have a positive shopping experience and reward our loyal customers where we can. Simple as that!

You can view your loyalty rewards section to see what credit you have and apply it to a new order. You have to be logged into your account to be able to see this section, please.

Enjoy shopping on Aqua Fanatic!

Buy/Sell – Aquarium Classifieds

We now provide free aquarium classifieds to the community!

How Does It Work?


The concept is simple. We want the aquarium community to be able to buy and sell used (or new) aquarium equipment on a personal level. So if you have a fish tank, equipment or even livestock which you want to sell, post it on our classifieds for free and we’ll promote it for you. Same goes for buyers who are looking for good deals, browse the classifieds and see what is available.

Post A Free Advert

To post your free classified ad, go to Buy/Sell > Post An Ad on our website. You can then go to Buy/Sell > Manage Ads if you want to edit or delete any of your existing ads.

Browse Adverts

To browse and search current classified ads, go to the Buy/Sell section on our website.

How to Culture Phytoplankton and Zooplankton

You can culture your own Phytoplankton and Zooplankton for your reef tank.

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Nemolight Products Available!


We now have Nemolight aquarium lights available at Aqua Fanatic!

These are extremely stylish, efficient and high quality lights for your aquarium. They range from small lights for nano tanks to larger lights with higher wattage and length for bigger tanks as well.

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What is a Sump and How To Build One

Let’s talk about aquarium sumps! What it is, what your options are and how to build one yourself.

What Is A Sump?

A sump can serve a different purpose for people in the aquarium hobby and can also differ greatly depending on what type of aquarium you have, eg. freshwater, marine or reef tank.

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Innovative Marine SR Series Sale


We have the most amazing bargain at Aqua Fanatic!

Innovative Marine SR Series Tanks

When you buy any Innovative Marine Shallow Reef Series tank (SR-60, SR-80 or SR-120), you get R15,000 worth of additional products and equipment for free. Yes, absolutely free at no additional cost!

This promotion applies to the SR-60, SR-80 and SR-120. These are beautiful marine-ready aquariums ranging from 230 to 450 liters. They have thick crystal glass, a mesh lid, back sump filtration, a great quality superwood cabinet and much more. They are out of this world!

See them under our on sale products section and purchase online right now.

See Innovative Marine SR Tanks

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How to Setup Zetlight ZP4000 Lancia Lights with Receivers and Controller

You can connect multiple Zetlight aquarium lights to a single controller.

Each light needs to have it’s light switch plugged out and switched out with a Zetlight i200R receiver. Then one Zetlight i200 controller is used to connect all the receivers to. The controller is then configured and controlled wirelessly with a remote control.

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Happy Customer – 2 x Zetlight Ghostson ZG5200 SPS Lights

Our customer purchased 2 of the Zetlight Ghostson ZG5200 SPS LED lights for his marine aquarium and they were a perfect fit.

The two lights were placed next to one another, stretching the length of the tank.

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Happy Customer – IM Micro Fusion 30L

Our customer purchase an Innovative Marine tank set and is very satisfied with it!

She setup the Innovative Marine Micro Fusion 30L with a Skimmate Midsize Ghost Skimmer, 2 x Zetlight ZA1201 Marine aquarium lights and a Zetlight ZN1001 controller for the lights.

Here is a photo of the setup:

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