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Happy Customer – Micro 30 White

Our customer is extremely happy with her Innovative Marine Micro 30 white tank set installation. We went to the customer to deliver all the products ordered and do the setup of the saltwater tank from start to finish,… Read More

52 Weeks of Reefing – Week 2: Tank and Stand #BRS160

The first step to a reef aquarium is choosing your tank and stand. You most likely spend much time and money making your home look good so that it suits your style and needs. When buying an aquarium,… Read More

How to Cycle a Saltwater Tank

Cycling a saltwater aquarium is essential to make it safe for livestock such as fish and corals.

Red Sea Reef Base Aragonite

The Red Sea reef base is sea sand made from natural aragonite sources and it is used for the base of reef/marine/saltwater aquariums. Red Sea reef base is very fine aragonite and comes in Ocean White and Ocean… Read More

Juwel Vio 40 Nano Tank

The Juwel Vio 40 is a fantastic, elegant and affordable nano tank which can be used as either a fresh- or salt water aquarium. It is a glass tank with a tempered, bended glass shell on the front… Read More