Best Stony Coral Fragging Tool

Best Stony Coral Fragging Tool

Stony corals have a hard skeleton which is calcium carbonate. Both LPS and SPS have a skeleton which can be quite tough and hard.

Fragging or propagating a stony coral can be a heavy duty task due to the hardness of the skeleton. It is a tough job which takes some courage and of course the right tools to saw through the skeleton of the coral in a clean cut.

Clean cuts are important as it helps the coral frag to heal quickly and provides easy to mount frags.

Best Tool for Fragging Stony Corals?

To frag a stony coral, you’ll need a few tools and products at hand for successful propagation but the most important tool in my view is a rotary tool or saw to cut through the bone.

A rotary saw such as a Dremel is the perfect tool for cutting through stony corals.

What Other Tools Are Needed?

Depending on the procedure and type of coral that you’re fragging, you may need additional tools such as:

  • Foreceps/Tweezers
  • Razor/scalpel
  • Scissors
  • etc…


See the beautiful and high quality coral propagation kit by EcoTech for a complete set of coral fragging tools. The tools included in the coral propagation kit are all the tools you’ll need in addition to a rotary saw for fragging stony corals.

Why Use a Dremel to Cut Stony Corals?


Dremel is a brand that makes rotary tools and is amongst many other brands that make similar tools. Dremel on the one hand comes with a 2 year warranty, it has built a respected brand name for itself over the decades and it has proven to be the most reliable and durable tool for coral fragging. Dremel tools are also very affordable considering how long they will last you.

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