How to Frag Soft Coral – Green Cabbage Leather

How to Frag Soft Coral – Green Cabbage Leather

Fragging soft coral such as a green cabbage leather coral is very quick and easy.

Many soft corals, especially the green cabbage leather coral (Sinularia Dura) aka neon cabbage leather coral. They are hardy and when you frag them you will most likely always succeed in growing healthy new corals from your frags without issues.


Requirements & Tools Needed

First, you’ll need a few things to get started:

We have a great coral propagation kit in our online aquarium store by EcoTech. It has all the tools that you’ll need for coral propagation, including glue scissors, tongs, tweezers and more. Or see the other coral propagation options available.

Frag a Green Cabbage Leather Coral

Let’s start the fragging process of your soft coral. Follow these steps:

1. Prepare Your Workstation


Get all your workplace ready with all the needed tools and equipment for fragging your coral. If you are prepared, you can have the coral out of the water for a shorter period of time which is obviously better.

Lay out a towel, get your two bowls ready and fill them with saltwater, preferably from the tank itself. Then lay out your scissors, tweezers, etc. I also recommend that you wear protective goggles and rubber gloves since many corals contain toxins which they may secrete either while cutting or as a defence mechanism. You don’t want to get that in your eyes or on your hands.

Create a coral dip in the one bowl using the Iodine. I used Tincture of Iodine. 10 drops in about 500ml of water in the one bowl. I’d say use roughly 20 drops per liter, not more. The coral dip will promote healing and it is antiseptic for the coral. It will also kill any parasites, bacteria and other nasty things on your coral that you don’t want.

2. Cut the Soft Coral Frag


Put the cabbage leather coral in the one bowl of saltwater without the Iodine coral dip and then just rinse it off properly.

Next you’ll take it out and with your scissors cut off a leaf in one single cut. Make the cut one, single, straight cut. You’ll immediately notice fluids and toxins oozing out of the coral, it is perfectly normal. Just rinse it off in the saltwater.

3. Dip and Rinse the Coral and Frag


With the cutting done, put both the coral and the new frag into the Iodine coral dip. Leave it in the bowl for roughly 20 minutes to thoroughly soak and also use the baster to rinse both the coral and the frag properly with the coral dip.

After the 20 minutes in the coral dip, take both the coral and the frag and place them back in the original saltwater bowl and rinse them off for 30 seconds or so. They are now both ready to go back into the tank. You can put the main coral itself back into the aquarium already if you want to.

4. Mount The Coral Frag


The last step before putting your frag into the tank is to mount/attach it to a piece of rock, tile or plug. I prefer to simply use a rubber band to softly wrap around both the rock and the frag so that it can attach. You can also glue it with your superglue if you want to do that. With the rubber band just wrap it softly with little tension just to keep it in place. You don’t want the rubber band to cut through the coral.

With the soft coral frag on it’s rock or coral plug, you can now place it back in your tank with moderate flow and lighting. In about 2 – 3 weeks, it will attach to the rock and start growing as a full coral again.


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