Best Nano Aquarium Scraper/Cleaner

Best Nano Aquarium Scraper/Cleaner

First off, I personally don’t like a scraper and feel it is unnecessary unless you have very thick algae or other build up that needs to be scraped off.

For general glass/acrylic cleaning purposes in an aquarium, I recommend using a cleaning magnet instead. Many cleaning magnets allow you to attach a blade like scraper to it as well, serving as a multi-purpose cleaning tool.

What is a Cleaning Magnet?

I cleaning magnet for an aquarium is essentially does what scrapers do but it has a different design.

Generally, a cleaning magnet is a device with two plastic/wooden/ceramic pieces. The one piece goes in the aquarium water itself on the inside of the glass while the second piece goes on the outside of the glass. Both pieces then pull towards each other using magnetic force. As a result, you can hold, move and guide the piece on the inside of the aquarium by moving around the one on the outside of the aquarium with your hand.

There are different types of aquarium cleaning magnets as you can imagine since they are designed and manufactured by different people/companies. Some float, some sink, some are wood while others are plastic, some use sponge/felt others nylon, etc.

Cleaning Magnet for Nano Tank

When buying a cleaning magnet for a nano aquarium, you may look for these specific features:

  • Small in size and footprint
  • Elegant and unobtrusive to the eye
  • Can move easily around corners or bent glass
  • Works on glass and won’t scratch acrylic
  • Affordable price if possible

Scratching the Glass/Acrylic

It is possible to scratch your aquarium’s glass/acrylic easily with a cleaning magnet so be careful.

When you use your cleaning magnet, don’t go down too close to the sand bed because sand particles may get stuck between the glass and the cleaner causing scratches as you continue to clean.

Continuously lift and check your aquarium cleaning magnet to ensure no sand is stuck inside.

Best Nano Aquarium Cleaning Magnets

Here is a list of aquarium cleaning magnets I recommend for nano aquariums:

1. Two Little Fishies NanoMag

2. Gulfstream Mag-Float Small

3. Coralife Biocube Algae Cleaning Magnet

4. Aquaeon Algae Cleaning Magnet Small

5. Flipper Nano Magnet Cleaner

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