Jebao Products Available

Jebao Products Available

Great news! We have added a range of Jebao/Jecod aquarium products.


These products are on the Aqua Fanatic website and ready to be purchased and shipped right to your home/office door. Have a browse, see what you need and contact us if you have any questions regarding them at all.

Wave Makers/Flow Pumps

Power head pumps to create water circulation, movement and flow in your aquarium as well as gas exchange with surface movement.


Return Pumps

Water pumps to be used in your sump, for water changes, auto top off systems, ponds, waterfalls and other uses.


Dosing Pumps

Automatically program and dose elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Water or any other fluids into your aquarium.



More Jebao products available from Aqua Fanatic:


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