New CO2 Bottles and Aquarium Accessories

We have new CO2 bottles and aquarium accessories available for your aquarium.

Download the PDF with products and prices.

The CO2 aquarium products are mainly used for planted aquariums to feed the plants CO2 at a dispersed rate so that the aquarium plants and photosynthesize. The regulator is used to regulate the pressure from your CO2 bottle/cylinder from the main valve/switch. The solenoid allows you to time when you want the CO2 to be released in order not to waste any CO2 since your plants will only need CO2 during daytime when your lights are on. A CO2 diffuser, reactor or atomizer will release and dissolveĀ CO2 bubbles into your aquarium’s water.

CO2 Bottles

New steel CO2 bottles for your aquarium:


CO2 Accessories

CO2 related accessories for your aquarium:


Other Aquarium Accessories and Products

Here are some other aquarium accessories available:


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