Happy Customer – AI Hydra 52s

Happy Customer – AI Hydra 52s

Our customer is extremely satisfied with AquaIllumination’s Hydra 52 lights and Director controller.

He runs a Red Sea Max C-250 reef tank and converted the lid to hold the Hydra 52 lights.



I converted my Red Sea max 250L from the T5 to the Hydra 52 Led Lights for two reasons.
One: Is the temp of the T5 is Hot as hell, and even with a chillier I could not keep the water temp below 28 deg, and the Chillier would switch on for the whole dam day. Two: The cost of replacing the T5 globes every 6 months to 1 year is not cheap.

So I converted my tank Lid to accommodate 2 Hydra 52 Lights. I still run the Red Sea Light timer for the Fans only, this keeps the Hydra Lights so cool that the Hydra light fan dose not even switch on.
I am running my Hydra 52 Lights at about 30% each and it is the same if not better than the T5 at 100%. The ripple light affect in the tank is out of this world, the T5 lights had an unnatural look to it.

I would say I am saving more than 50% electricity cost with the Hydra 52 Led lights. I will measure exactly and let you know. I also worked out the LED life of 50 000 hours it would last about 16 years! This is at full power. You don’t need to run the Hydra at 100%. So even better life from the LED.

The Director is a fantastic thing, I cannot get over how you can control the Led lights. Loads of updates on the Lights and the Director once you link up to the internet, and I found the control is better with no delays once updates are done.

Thanks so much to Antonie for all your help. I have learnt a load of stuff about the Hydra 52 and the Director. Bit tricky to link up but once you over that it’s a walk in the park to use the AI web page to programme your lights.

Please tell as many people you like about my change to LED and I recommend it 100%.
I will email you some photos if you like and you are Welkom to use them on your site.

Thank you for using Aqua Fanatic for you aquarium supplies!

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