Our Water Blaster recirculation pump is designed to move very large amount of water by using the rare earth magnet (Neodymium) which produces a lot more power than a regular Ferrite magnet, and can be up to 9 times more expensive.
An in-built Digital Circuit Board ensure that a constant flow rate is maintained and prevent the pump from damage by controlling the directional start-up and RPM speed.
During pump operation, should a problem be detected, the pump will shut itself down to prevent damage.
Our Water Blaster Pump run silently, efficiently, and at a low temperature. Using Silicon Nitride impeller, which is much more wear resistant compared to ceramics, commonly used in other pumps. It can be run in both Wet or Dry conditions.
Features & Benefits
High flow rate
Uses very strong Neodymium Magnet
Silicon Nitride Shaft and Bearings as standard
Digital Circuit Board ensuring constant flow
Wet or Dry
Low Heat
Silent operation
Suitable for Fresh or Marine Aquariums


SKU: OCT-08-HY-W-05000
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