If your looking for a LED that will bring your aquarium to life thats is bright enough for both Freshwater and Marine without hitting the back pocket with power consumption then the Beamswork HI-LUMEN LED 120 10,000K light is for you. The Beamswork 10,000K LED light features the best design: slim, light, and yet, contemporary 3 ways Switch on/off/Moonlight Extends to 120cm or more in length with brackets installed Clear plastic splash guard An external power transformer/LED Driver This new arrival 120cm Beamswork Hi Lumen 0.5W LEDs HI-LUMEN 120 Light Fixture is an option on demand aquatic lighting solution, and yet the most economical high output LED light fixture available around. Specifications: Fixture Size: 120cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm (Add 1.625cm in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 96 Lumens: 10,000K Marine and Freshwater Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.5 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 88x 10,000K 8 x Blue 460nm Power Usage: 50 watts

LED Hi Lumen 120

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