BIODIGEST is made up of more than 15 live natural, nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains.
Its use is ideal for the bacterial seeding of a freshwater aquarium.
BIODIGEST accelerates the establishment of the complete nitrogen cycle by transforming ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into gaseous nitrogen using bacteria such as Nitrosomonas sp , Nitrococcus sp, Paracoccus sp, Pseudomonas sp and Nitrobacter sp . 
These live bacteria work as a team, with each strain completing the work started by the others. Some are able to bio-synthesize denitrifying enzymes under aerobic conditions. This allows a very good purification of the water, a reduction of nitrates, phosphates and the prevention of the appearance of algae.
BIODIGEST makes it possible to start biological filtration quickly and efficiently.
Its regular use prevents nitrite outbreaks, promotes a good biological balance in the aquarium and perfect health for your fish.
BIODIGEST is particularly recommended following a drug or anti-algae treatment in order to quickly recreate a healthy and effective biological filtration within your aquarium.
BIODIGEST contributes to the maintenance of the aquarium by digesting organic waste (fish droppings, remains of uneaten food, plant waste, etc.) and their assimilation by plants or their elimination via your mechanical filtration.
The action of BIODIGEST contributes to making the water clear and odorless.

Prodibio BioDigest Pro 10 Vials

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