Corals, even those with light-feeding zooxanthellae, need nutritional supplements.
REEF BOOSTER was developed in partnership with aquaculture experts based on high performance products used in crustacean, mollusc and bivalve larval hatcheries.
It is a complete nutrient supplement containing all the essential elements for invertebrates which feed entirely or partially on microplankton as well as for corals with zooxanthellae for which a supply of microplankton remains necessary.
REEF BOOSTER promotes the development of corals, giant clams and microfauna, but also the reduction of nitrates and phosphates by feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria in live rock and soil
After a few weeks of use, hermatypic corals (like Plerogyra and Euphyllia ) grow and ahermatypic polyps (like Scleronephtya and Tubastraea ) and gorgonians flourish. Corals also stabilize their coloring.
REEF BOOSTER contains very high concentrations of ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which all marine organisms need.

Prodibio Reef Booster Pro

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