GHL VorTech Controller


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With our VorTech-Controller ProfiLux 3 Controllers are able to operate up to 11 radio controlled VorTech® current pumps from EcoTech Marine® independently. The VorTech Controller is connected via PAB (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus, ProfiLux 3 only) and requires no additional power supply.
Function Overview
: Supports all VorTech operating modes, Constant speed, Lagoon Random Mode, Reef-Crest Random Mode, Short Pulse Mode, Long Pulse Mode, Feed Modus, Battery Backup-Modus, Moreover, the following modes are supported for EcoSmart pumps
Tidal Swell Mode (EcoSMART TSM), Nutrient Transport Mode (EcoSMART NTM)
Further Features
: 11 independent channels for 11 VorTech pumps.
Additionally to the VorTech modes all built-in wave funktions of the ProfiLux can be used. Possible future firmware-updates of pumps and VorTech-Controller for further enhancements. The VorTech controller is automatically detected. Pump assignments can be changed. The operational mode can be varied through the day. Define up to 12 time intervals where different settings are active. 2 PAB-ports for a flexible bus wiring. 4 Indicator LEDs for PAB- and Pumpen-States. No extra power supply needed (Bus-powered).





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