Neptune Dissolved Oxygen Temp Probe Module


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  • Monitor Dissolved Oxygen (D0).
  • Control outlets based on the dissolved oxygen reading from the probe connected to the PM3.
  • Automatic temperature compensation for DO with connected temperature probe (temperature probe optional).
  • Monitor and control temperature with connected temperature probe (temperature probe optional).
  • Galvanic Isolation for accurate and reliable probe readings.
  • 6 digital inputs for float switches, water on the floor sensors, pressure sensors, etc.
  • Full data logging and graphing through the Apex Base Module.
  • The PM3 attaches to and is powered by the Apex system via AquaBus.
  • Automatic Plug N Play for easy setup and configuration.
  • Upgradeable firmware through AquaBus via the Apex Base Module.
  • Multi-colour LED Status Indicator.
  • 2 AquaBus ports for flexible system connections.
  • Comes with a 3' AquaBus cable.
  • Compatible with Apex and Apex Lite systems.

The AquaController Apex Probe Module 3 expands the monitoring and control capabilities of your Apex system by adding a Dissolved Oxygen and temperature probe ports. The AquaController Apex System delivers an expandable, professional quality aquarium controller at hobbyist prices. The AquaController Apex is the most flexible, expandable system on the market today.






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