Neptune Leak Detection Kit


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Solid Surface and Low Profile Leak Detection Probes (With 3.5mm Plug)

The Leak Detection Kit includes 2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probes. it is designed to be placed on solid flat surfaces. This probe is perfect for inside the bottom of your aquarium cabinet or on the floor nearby.  The probe is weighted so that it sets flat on any solid horizontal surface.

Optionally, you may add a Low Profile Leak Detection Probe. This probe is only about 1/4″ thick so it may be easily slipped under the edge of carpeting.

The FMM has four sensor ports, so you may add 1 or 2 more of either type.


  • Residual moisture in concrete may cause false alarms.  It is recommended that a leak sensor not be placed directly on a bare concrete slab.  Instead, use a folded up paper towel or a thick piece of cloth between the probe and the concrete.
  • In the event of a leak or spill in a carpeted area, the top of carpet may remain dry even if the carpet padding and lower part of the carpet are saturated.  Therefore, a leak detection probe should never be placed on top of carpet.  Instead, use a low-profile leak probe, lift the edge of the carpet and padding a bit and slip the probe underneath.





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