TC-4A Jebao Twins Linkage Controller W/power supply


Description: New controllers can adjust the flow rate in Wave mode! Specifications: 1. Control Flow:1100 GPH-2200 GPH 2. Dimension: 3.7" x 2.5" x .8" 3. Input: 100-240V~20/60Hz 2.5A;Output: 24V 4.0A 4. Do Not use original Low Current Power Supply connecting with Twin Controller!It will BURN!!! Features: 1.Unique multi-mode controller to allow adjustment of the wave maker to suit the users requirements. 2.Use of low voltage, low power, DC variable speed pump and safety usage. 3.Easy operation control program to achieve complicated function. 4.Adjustable flow direction. 5.Wide voltage input (AC100-240V 50/60 Hz) suit for variety power and prevention for hunting user. Controller selection: TC-4A---WP25p+WP25p WP25p+WP10p WP10p+WP10p TC-5A---WP40p+WP40p WP40p+WP25p WP40p+WP10p WP25p+WP25p TC-6A---WP60p+WP40p WP40p+WP40p WP40p+WP25p WP25p+WP25p


Controllers , Wavemakers



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