Vertex Puratek 100 3-Stage


Puratek 100-3

Produces up to 100 US-Gallons/day, Tested at 60 PSI & 50°F
Oil-filled pressure gauge
Approximate 1:2.5 Pure/Waste water ratio (source water temperature and Pressure dependent)
Easy to view precision Oil-filled pressure gauge
Manual Back-Flush system prevents TDS creep
Includes canister wrench and installation adapters and fittings
Technical Data
Pentair-100 GPD membrane
5 µ polypropylene Pre-filter sediment cartridge
5 µ carbon block cartridge
Dimensions: ~ 350 * 150 * 380mm / Approx. 14" x 6" x 15" (Width/ Depth/ Height)


RO Units , Filters



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