Neptune Double Junction ORP Probe


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  • Quality ORP probe for Neptune Systems Apex aquarium controllers
  • Superior double junction design holds calibration longer for accuracy
  • Essential measuring tool for ORP data supported Apex functions

High quality ORP probe from Neptune Systems provides accurate water parameter measurement essential for maintaining aquarium water quality. Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe provides vital data to support Neptune Systems Apex system control functions. Features ±0.01 accuracy with 10ft coax cable, sealed Ag/AgCl reference and Standard BNC Connector. Double junction pH probe holds calibration longer and has a longer lifespan than single-junction probes.

Use the Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe to replace worn probes or to expand functionality of your Apex Aquarium Controller. Use additional probes to measure and monitor water parameters of multiple aquariums or different areas of your setup.

What's the difference between double junction and single junction probes?
Single junction probes put the reference electrode in direct contact with aquarium water. Over time, the junction will slowly leak aquarium water into the electrolyte, which changes the accuracy of the probe and requires more frequent calibrations.

Double junction probes place a second vessel inside the main electrolyte with a second internal junction. This means that even when the aquarium water eventually begins to make its way in the first compartment, it still has to go through the second junction to contaminate the electrolyte surrounding the reference electrode.






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