ATI PowerCone 200i (20cm Chamber) In-Sump Grid-Whe


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Advanced Monitoring & Control, to meet the needs of a wide variety of tanks sizes and bio-loads, the pumps water flow and thereby the skimmers performance can be controlled from 40-100% with a simple turn of a dial. The pumps controller also continually monitors skimmer performance and automatically stops and then re-starts the pump in the unlikely event of a problem. Unmatched Performance, an improved air injection nozzle to increase air intake and an optimized pump housing to improve water flow combined with the innovative Grid-Wheel impeller produces an incredible amount of tiny, waste removing bubbles. The unique design of the skimmer body allows these bubbles to remain in contact with the water for a longer period of time, resulting in a skimmer that surpasses the performance of both larger and more expensive skimmers. The significantly higher surface area of the Grid-Wheel impeller easily outperforms traditional needle-wheel impellers producing an extremely dense and uniform air-water mixture. Stable Performance, the Grid-Wheel impeller combines the stable performance of a needle-wheel with the superior performance of a thread or mesh-wheel impeller producing consistent, long-term performance. The integrated soft start ensures a safe and gentle start-up of the pump. Energy Efficient, uses less than 35 watts of energy while pulling in up to 3000 liters per hour of waste removing air. Easy-to-Use, built-in water-level adjustment valve allows for easy and precise fine-tuning of the skimmers performance. The water-level adjustment valve can also be rotated to change the position of the water outlet and many parts of the skimmer can be easily taken apart for cleaning. Quiet Operation, produces minimal noise due to innovative pump and skimmer body design and air silencer. Excellent Build-Quality, constructed of high-quality materials and assembled using modern production techniques.


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