Reef Octopus 140mm Diameter Kalkwasser Reactor (1,


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KR-140 diameter 140mm,600mm height, matching OTP-1000 pump,1000L/H, for tank up to 260Gals

The limewater reactor is a tool used to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels in the reef aquarium. Calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2, is dissolved in ro/deionized water and dispensed in a controlled manner to the system. Ca(OH)2 reacts freely with CO2, by limiting the contact with CO2 the viability of limewater is lengthened.

The basic operation of the reactor is thus: the reactor goes inline between a freshwater supply and the aquarium system. The reactor maintains a saturated calcium hydroxide solution by periodically operating a recirculating pump (stirs kalk in chamber); receiving freshwater from a reservoir, clear limewater is displaced into the aquarium at a rate equal to the evaporation rate of the aquarium.

Reactor setup is amongst the simplest used to support calcification within a reef aquarium; once the unit has been loaded with calcium hydroxide, setting up the dosing pump and adjusting the stir frequency is all that is required to get the unit fully operational.

The kalkwasser reactor is designed and built with longevity and functionality as the primary concern. Each reactor is built using cast acrylic, milled key-holed flanges, and utilizes o-rings, and thumbscrew combos to ensure a trouble free operation for the life of your aquarium.





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