Reef Octopus Bio Churn Biopellet Reactor 120-Inter


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Bio Churn 120-INT

Overfeeding can lead to abundance of nitrates and phosphates, the primary reasons your aquarium has murky water and messy algae. Instead of changing the water of your tank often, you can simply grow beneficial bacteria in your tank so they will eat the excess nutrients and clean the water for you. The Reef Octopus BioChurn 120 INT Media Reactor is what you need! It fluidizes biopellets (food for bacteria) which you need to grow beneficial bacteria. What's great about this is that it confines bacteria to a single area, ensuring more accurate control over the effects of the bacteria to the whole tank. The Biochurn, together with a reliable protein skimmer, ensures that your tank is crystal clear and healthy for your reef organisms.

The BioChurn Reactors come in four series: the in-sump, External/Recirculating and the Commercial line. This reactor comes with an Aquatrance pump that feeds the reactor and distributes the media suspension. It features a cascading design which allows a bigger area for bacteria to colonize while the churn motion allow pellets to have longer contact time with the nutrient-rich aquarium water. The Reef Octopus BioChurn 120 model (in-sump) is designed for the aquarist who wants to keep everything simple and hassle-free.


  • Best for aquariums up to 200 gallons
  • Cascading churning motion for better media suspension
  • Uses Aquatrance AQ-1000 feed pump
  • Easy to maintain upper containment plate
  • In sump design


  • Capacity: ~700ml
  • Diameter: 5in
  • Height: 14.6in
  • Footprint: 9.8in x 5.7in
  • Wattage: 11w
  • Max Water Flow: 300gph


  • Aquatrance 1000
  • Wattage: 11w
  • Max Water Flow: 300gph


  • 2 years on pump, 1 year on reactor body and rotor





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