Waveline DC6000 PUMP


Waveline DC6000 Internal & External Pump w/Controller

New features:
New closed pressure rated impeller
Less head loss for increased flow compared to Gen 1 pumps
Forward compatibility with new controller on future Waveline pumps
Anti run dry protection / anti over amperage protection
New 30 minute feed mode vs 10 minute on Gen 1 controller
Neptune Systems Apex compatibility coming soon!

Model: DC-6000
Input: DC24V 2.0A
(Converted by AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Wattage: 48W at full speed
(Measured After Adaptor)
Flow rate: Max. 1585GPH / 6000LPH
Flow Height: Max. 4.4 meters / 13.12 feet
Dimension: 5.94"L x 3.58"W x 5"H
Water inlet: External D: 40mm, Internal D: 32mm (1.25"), NPT
Water outlet: External D: 32mm, Internal D: 24mm (1"), NPT
6 speed controller included


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