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The Prime HD is a new LED light from Aqua Illumination which is the latest to get the HyperDrive treatment. Just under two year ago, Aqua Illumination introduced the HyperDrive power distribution system with the Hydra 26 and Hydra 52 and today, the Prime HD has inherited the same set of high tech features.


Ever since we reached the first plateau of high powered LED lights, reefers realized that we were paying for lights of a certain maximum power, but then losing that capacity through fine tuning of the various LED channels. Most modern reefers will adjust the color spectrum for reef tanks with reduced power in the white, red and green color channels to achieve that bluer look and spectrum.

This common color tuning for aquarium corals sacrifices the maximum power that LED light is capable of, but Aqua Illumination’s HyperDrive System and Prime HD LED gives users the power back. Like the Hydra 26 HD and Hydra 52 HD, the Prime HD redistributes power that you’re not using to achieve maximum power in your preferred light spectrum.


Interestingly, not only will the Prime HD be able to take maximum advantage of its programmed spectrum, there’s more power available to begin with than the original AI Prime. Whereas the first AI Prime maxed out at 50 watts of power the new Prime HD has a 10% boost with a new maximum power level of 55 watts, which is more than half the output of a Hydra 26 HD’s 90 watts.

The LED cluster of the all new Prime HD aquarium light now follows the exact same recipe as its bigger siblings, with 13 LEDs spread across seven colors and control channels. The colors of the Prime HD include cool white, blue, red, green, two shades of UV, and the previous deep blue LED has returned to the royal blue that we all came to love in the now iconic AI Sol Blue.


Of course, the Prime HD LED light retains the same awesome direct cloud connectivity features that were introduced with the original AI Prime. Unlike most high end LED light fixtures, the Radion and Kessil included, now all of Aqua Illumination’s LED lights have direct connectivity to your phone via both the local network and worldwide internet.



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