Odyssea Hi Lumen 30 (12W 30-45cm)


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12"-18" (30CM-45CM) Hi Lumen LED

The LED fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light fixture that replaces the typical single or double tube fluorescent light..

Blue and white 5W Version: Fixture comes with 30x 10000K white 0.1W and 3x Actinic Blue 460nm 0.1W.   Total 5W wattage, 300 Lumen, fits to 30-45cm fish tank, Black PVC Plastic housing

Four color 7.5W Version: Fixture comes with 8x 10000K white, 2xRed 0.5W, 3x Actinic Blue 460nm 0.5W and 2x Green 0.5W LED bulbs.   Total 7.5W wattage, 500Lumen, fits to 30-45cm fish tank, Black PVC Plastic housing

Pure Red Version: 6.6W Version: Fixture comes with 33Red color LED  0.2W  Total 6.6W wattage, fits to 30-45cm fish tank, Black Aluminum housing

Blue and white 12W Version: Fixture comes with 21x 10000K white 0.5W and 3x Actinic Blue 460nm 0.5W.   Total 12W wattage, 1000 Lumen, fits to 30-45cm fish tank, Black PVC Plastic housing


  • Dimension 26.5cm L x 12.5cm Wx 2.3cm H
  • Extend brackets, add 1.5cm in height, 15cm extendable
  • 15cm extra extendable.
  • 110V - 220V
  • 1 Switch for on / off function
  • Splash guard

LED differents parts30cm LED


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