Zetlight Aqua ZA1201



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This cost effective LED light unit can be upgraded with a remote controller to recreate natural coral reef lighting conditions in your aquarium. 

  • Quad Color: The unit consists of 4 different colored LED's - White, Blue, Green and Red.
  • Three Way Switch: All colors on | Only Blue on | All colors off.
  • Adjustable connection: Contains a plastic bracket that can attach to aquariums up to 10mm thick. The height of the bracket has 3 adjustment positions.
  • Suitable for marine aquariums.
  • Can be upgraded and controlled with the ZetLight ZN1002 controller (not included).

Simulate natural lighting conditions in your aquarium by upgrading this light unit with the ZetLight remote controller!

Control your ZetLight Aqua ZA1201 LED Light Unit wirelessly and create a smart LED lighting system!

See the ZN1002 controller.

  • When connected to the controller you are able to adjust the intensity of each color LED in increments ranging from 1 - 32.
  • Simulate natural weather conditions such as clouds moving across the sky or lightening storms.
  • Includes pre-installed dawn, day, dusk, night and moonlight modes.
  • Easily test your installed settings by running demo mode - which will simulate your entire day's settings in a few minutes.


  • 26cm x 12cm (size of light)
  • 22cm x 17cm (mounted including bracket)
  • Minimum Tank Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Maximum Tank Size: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm



Lighting , LEDs



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