ZetLight QMaven ZT6500



  • Simulate dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and night time by adjusting the brightness and intensity of each color light to simulate the exact spectrum and wavelength you desire.
  • Total Lumens: 4300 LM (Suitable for coral reef aquariums).
  • The white LED's are clustered together in a group, simulating the sun as the main light source.
  • Specialist moonlight panels simulates the way moonlight diffuses and reflects upon the water surface at night.
  • Features world class Bridgelux LED's.
  • Simulate natural weather conditions such as clouds moving across the sky or lightening storms.
  • Easily test your installed settings by running demo mode - which will simulate your entire day's settings in a few minutes.


LEDQuantityColor Temperature / Wavelenght
White1 group12,000 K
Blue4 groups465 - 485 nm
Violet2 groups410 - 420 nm
Royal Blue12 groups450 - 465 nm


Modern Design:

  • Sleek and stylish ultra slim design.
  • The LED bulbs are housed behind a super transparent toughened glass panel which lets the maximum amount of light through, prevents humidity and is easy to clean.
  • All power sources and connections are water proof.
  • The status of the lamp is shown on the digital display.

Advanced Cooling Function:

  • This unit houses a powerful yet quiet fan with sensors which automatically regulates the temperature of the light unit, helps prevent rusting and prolongs its lifespan. The unit also features a black aluminum radiator which assists in cooling the unit.

Flexible Brackets:

  • The unit features extendable brackets with a workable length of 45 - 70cm.
  • The feet also features sliding brackets which securely fasten the light unit to aquarium glass of up to 30mm thick.

Wireless Control:

  • Control the entire unit via the wireless remote control (included).

Other Details:

  • Size: 40 x 26 x 4(h) cm
  • Wattage: 90W



Lighting , LEDs



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