Zetlight ZN1002 Controller



UPDATE: The Zetlight ZN1002 controller has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. You can get the improved Zetlight i200 controller and receivers for your Zetlight LEDs instead.

Zetlight timer controler to take full control of their aquarium lighting of Zetlight.

In automatic mode, the controller can simulate a whole day according to their own wishes and periods.Whether the sunrise, daylight, cloudy mode, sunset and night mode, all times of the day can be programmed and simulated.

Network connections for linking multiple luminaires to each other are present.

Thanks to the remote control included in the delivery, the programming is a breeze and all functions can be accessed quickly and easily by pressing a button.

Suitable for up to 2x Zetlight ZA1200 o. ZA1201 ZA2420 uo / 2421 / ZA2430 / 2431st Also PRO Series luminaires connected.

  • 2 LED of Zetlight connectable
  • Dawn Sunrise Sunset Daylight Night Light everything off Dawn ... = in the automatic rhythm 24
  • Times are individually programmable
  • Thunderstorms and clouds mode
  •  individual adjustment of the light intensity in 32 steps
  • Demonstration mode of programmed rhythm 24
  •  Temperature display / 12 or 24 system
  • Incl. Remote control for controlling the functions



Controllers , Lighting , LEDs



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