Zetlight ZP4000-1047 Marine


The zetlight lancia marine universal LED lighting system makes a great addition to any aquarium with its excellent output and 120 degree beam angle. The system is able to fit almost any aquarium on the market and can even be attached to the bulb sockets on existing T5 and T8 lighting systems, allowing you to fit it inside the hood of your aquarium. The new lancia led lighting is able to replace the fluorescent tubes in the conventional T5 and T8 systems. Simply remove the T5 or T8 lights from their sockets to quickly and easily fit the new led lighting. Alternatively use the included extendable metal brackets to place the system on top of your aquarium. Available in 42 Watts.

  • Slim and fashionable design
  • Professional acclimation and original lunar phase mode
  • Extendable brackets and standby to fit your tank
  • Excellent output and 120 degree beam angle
  • Low power LED Eco friendly system


Lighting , T5 Lighting , LEDs



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