Sicce MULTI 9000e 8,300l/h 5.0m 120W



These are the high-performance recirculation pumps of the latest generation with a height of up to 8 m. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, handling and installation of the pump is facilitated. Minimum power consumption and high power is a matter of course.

In addition, this pump series has an electronic control system. If the pump is located externally outside the water, the automatic control system prevents any possible dry operation within 15 seconds and restores operation after 10 minutes. The cycle is repeated 5 times, then the pump must be completely disconnected manually from the mains. The user disconnects and reconnects the power cable. The advanced technology of this series of pumps brings significant savings in energy consumption.

- Flow rate 8300 l / h
- Power consumption 120 W
- Output height 5 m
- Cable length 10 m



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