Juwel Lido 200 aquarium


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The cubic one - the LIDO 200 LED sets stylish accents with a sense for clear lines.
Exhibiting a width of 71 cm, a height of 65 cm and a special depth of 51 cm, the LIDO 200 LED is also perfectly suited as seawater aquarium.
The safety base frame ensures a particularly reliable placement and facilitates  a problem-free arrangement of the aquarium without special pads.
Skilful workmanship from Germany, high-quality materials and perfectly coordinated technology ensure a maximum of quality and safety and consequently guarantee the longevity of the LIDO 200 LED.

Choose from black, dark wood, light wood and white.

Product Code 11930 / 11940 / 11970 / 11980
Product Lido 200 LED
Available Decor
Measurements 71 x 51 x 65 cm
Weight 37 kg
Litres ca. 200 Litres





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