Juwel vision 260 aquarium


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Brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth are what you get with the state-of-the-art Multilux LED lighting technology from JUWEL. The replaceable 29-watt DAY and NATURE LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum, while saving up to 50% of energy in comparison to T5 at the same time.

The MultiLux LED lighting system for the VISION 260 LED means that you can work on your aquarium in comfort, even when the lighting is switched on.
The ultrasound-sealed light unit is 100 percent waterproof and fulfils the stringent European safety standards.

Product Code06350 / 06450 / 06750 / 06850
ProductVision 260 LED
Available Decor
Measurements121 x 46 x 64 cm
Weight55 kg
Litresca. 260 Litres





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