Saltwater Tank Starter Kit



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We recommend this all in one marine aquarium set to all reef hobbyists.

We carefully picked out several products to build the ultimate saltwater aquarium starter kit for anyone who wants to start a new marine or reef aquarium at the office or home.

The kit contains everything you need to setup, start up, cycle and use your very own saltwater aquarium.

The kit consists of the following products:

  • Nuvo Nano 16 Aquarium - 60l
  • CaribSea Reef Rock - 2.5kg
  • CaribSea Arag Alive (Bahamas Oolite) - 4.5kg
  • Seachem Stability - 100ml
  • Seachem Reef Salt Bag - 6.3kg
  • NanoMag Magnet Cleaner
  • Rio SEIO P320 Powerhead
  • Sicce Scuba 100W Heater

Everything is included in the package so that you can start your reef tank quickly and beautifully. We also ship the entire kit to your door free of charge.


Innovative Marine - Nuvo Nano 16 (60 liter)



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