Wiegandt hydrokoll-broadband 1000ml


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Protect your fish and corals from infections caused by mucous membrane and tissue injuries. hw hydrokoll binds with heavy metal concentrations, phenols, bacterial toxins and stinging toxins so they can be easily removed by your protein skimmer.

  • Protein skimmer activity can increase with use of hydrokoll
  • Enhanced coloration and growth
  • Contains no complexing or chelating agents


hw-hydrokoll® protects fish and corals from possible infections in case of damage to the mucous membrane or tissue. It removes the irritating effects on such wounds and reduces stress. The new additions and changes in care require less adjustment time and are significantly easier. hw-hydrokoll® binds damaging heavy metal concentrations, phenols, bacterial toxins, as well as urticant toxins (stinging toxins) so that they can be removed with the protein skimmer.

  • 1. First Application: Add 4 mL for every 10 US gallons of aquarium water
  • 2. For preventative measure: Add 2 mL per 10 US gallons of aquarium water every 7 days

NOTE: Follow manufacturer's instructions.



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