Wiegandt Calciumchlorid-hydrit 5kg bucket


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hw®-Supplementing Salts

The hw®-Supplementing Salts makes it possible to specifically counteracts the taking place  mineral consumption in closed environment of the marine aquarium. The elements which has to be most frequently supplemented are the alkaline earth ions like Calcium, Magnesium and there carbonate conjunctions as part of the carbonate alkalinity .

To be able to supplement especially this elements, without coming into the risk to cause unwanted displacements of the marine water ion balance, a special system has been created.

With this system remaining and redundant chloride and sodium ions, in the correct mass relation, results to NaCl or common salt.Taking in consideration that NaCl is one of the major elements of marine water it has to be found a way to compensate this steadily increase of the NaCl part. To be able to realize this the application of a NaCl „free“ marine salt mix is one of the best methods. The salinity will therefore slowly but steadily rise up but this can be easily compensated with the next water change by adding some more fresh water.

With the hw®-Supplementing Salts a basis is offered to realize the supplementing of this elements in accordance to the needs of your aquarium.


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