Wiegandt Active carbon 1L


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hw® ActivCarbon main characteristics:

  • pH value-neutral in marine water and freshwater
  • Free of phosphates and subjected to constant quality assurance inspections
  • Extremely high absorption capacity
  • Reliably removes pollutants from aquarium water
  • Reliably removes all types of water discolorations
  • Ideal for neutralizing active medication residues after completing a treatment cycle

hw® ActivCarbon utilizes the polar structure of many molecules by attracting the harmful substances like a magnet and reliably removes them safely from the water circulation. Moreover, many toxic substances chemically bond with the surface structure of hw® ActivCarbon and are thus safely retained.

hw® ActivCarbon binds and removes almost all organic and inorganic toxins from the aquarium water, including urea, protein compounds, chlorine, heavy metals, toxic organic and inorganic compounds. Chemical residues that today are regularly found in our tap water or reach the aquarium water when treating fish are reliably removed or neutralized.

The inner surface of hw® ActivCarbon is around incredible 950 to 1300 m2/g. This means that with only 3 g, more than the area of a football field will be at disposal to act as absorbing surface.



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