Wiegandt BufferMarin 1kg


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increases specifically the carbonate hardness / alkalinity and stabilized the pH-value in the optimal level.

hw® BufferMarin – for stabilizing and optimizing of the pH-value with simultaneous refilling of the natural buffer capacities (carbonate hardness / alkalinity) of the marine water.

  • for optimal pH-value buffering
  • optimizes the pH-value
  • improved the buffer capacities of the marine water
  • increases the carbonate hardness/alkalinity
  • made of pure raw materials
  • absolutely free of nitrates, phosphates and silicates

A stable pH-value is one of the most important and central preconditions to ensure the wellbeing and healthy growth of all maritime life forms in a marine aquarium.
hw® BufferMarin offers you a easy and simple applicable aiding tool to adjust and keep the pH-value in the recommended range of 8.0 to 8.5.
In the same way hw® BufferMarin stabilized and refills the buffer capacities of the aquarium water and prevent on this way possible hazards which could be caused by strong fluctuations in the pH-value.



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