Wiegandt Mineral Marin caddy 1kg


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NaCl-free marine salt to use as for compensating the disordered ion balance when practicing systems like the so called „Baling-Method“.

hw® MineralMarin is a NaCl-free marine salt formulation for special applications. It contains, except the not added NaCl compound, all component parts and ingredients of a high quality marine salt formulation. All trace-elements and also the hw® bio-elements are included in hw® MineralMarin.

hw® MineralMarin is an excellent  appliance to fix displacements in the ion balance of the aquarium water or just avoid then in the beginnings when practicing the „Baling-Method“.

The described displacements in the ion balance always must occurs when the supply of Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonates takes place over the addition of Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride and Sodium bicarbonate.



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