Wiegandt hw marinemix-reefer 25kg bucket


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hw-Marinemix® professional

The most used hw-Marinemix® for professional aquaristic as well as research and development applications.

hw-Marinemix® professional is the result of consistent further development of hw-Meersalz®, which has proved his reliability for over more than several decades. This decades of experience, research and continuous further development has made hw-Marinemix® professional a „conditio sine qua non“ in modern marine researches and aquaristic.

hw-Marinemix® professional is, like the name indicates, the marine salt formulation for professional applications and the sophisticated marine aquarist. hw-Marinemix® professional provides a ideal and unique flexible basis for all kind of marine aquaristic projects as it dissolves to a absolute nature like marine water. Offering a stable natural buffer system which tolerates also peaks in the upcoming of organic acids like it can occurs in breeding tanks.

hw-Marinemix® professional offers the possibility, starting from nature like marine water parameters, to realize nearly any needed water parameter levels. All water parameters can be easily increased to the desired levels and providing on this way the ideal starting base for all kind of marine environments or scientific research applications.

  • With natural calcium and magnesium concentration resulting in
    a seawater composition virtually identical to natural seawater
  • Free of chemical and environmental pollutants
  • Unique biocatalyst system based on the analyses of natural seawater
  • Optimal carbonate hardness (alkalinity) and a natural, stable pH buffer
  • free of Nitrates, Phosphates and other unwanted chemical elements
  • High, clear and fast solubility in water



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