25% Off On All Innovative Marine Tanks


UPDATE: All stock has been sold out on this promotion and it is no longer valid.

For a limited time period, we are selling Innovative Marine aquariums at 25% off their original price. This is an amazing one-time offer, grab it while it’s hot!

All Innovative Marine Tanks

The promotion applies to all the Innovative Marine tanks:

We ship anywhere in South Africa, right to your door!

Also check out the full range of Innovative Marine products in our online aquarium store:

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Please note this is valid while stocks last only.

2 Comments on “25% Off On All Innovative Marine Tanks

  1. I want to find out, the 25% of all your tanks, is this 25% of the prices listed above. Your fusion 10 for instance is R3200, does the 25% still need to be subtracted from that?

    • Unfortunately all stock on the Innovative Marine 25% promotion has been sold out a while back. This is no longer valid. All the current tank sets is new stock and full price.

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