Innovative Marine SR Series Sale


We have the most amazing bargain at Aqua Fanatic!

Innovative Marine SR Series Tanks

When you buy any Innovative Marine Shallow Reef Series tank (SR-60, SR-80 or SR-120), you get R15,000 worth of additional products and equipment for free. Yes, absolutely free at no additional cost!

This promotion applies to the SR-60, SR-80 and SR-120. These are beautiful marine-ready aquariums ranging from 230 to 450 liters. They have thick crystal glass, a mesh lid, back sump filtration, a great quality superwood cabinet and much more. They are out of this world!

See them under our on sale products section and purchase online right now.

See Innovative Marine SR Tanks

Free Products Included Worth R15,000!


Here is a list of what is included for free:

  • IM Ghost Skimmer
  • Odyssea Marine Spec T5 Quad Lighting Unit
  • Sicce 300W HEATER
  • Caribsea South Seas Base Rock 18.1KG
  • Caribsea Special Grade Seafloor Aragonite 18.1kg
  • Seachem Reef Salt Box 25KG
  • IM Custom Caddy
  • Seachem Matrix 1L
  • Seachem Head Start
  • Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes

All these wonderful products are included at no additional cost.
They are all the essentials to start your new Innovative Marine SR Series tank.

Shipping Terms for Promotion

No shipping or handling will be charged when you collect your Innovative Marine SR tank and stand from us.

If you prefer that we ship it to you, we have a freight cost and ship anywhere in South Africa. Shipping via freight courier will take 3 to 7 working days. The shipment is quite large so the standard shipping may not apply. Contact us for a shipping price on this.

See Innovative Marine SR Tanks

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