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Nemolight Products Available!

We now have Nemolight aquarium lights available at Aqua Fanatic! These are extremely stylish, efficient and high quality lights for your aquarium. They range from small lights for nano tanks to larger lights with higher wattage and length… Read More

Happy Customer – IM Nano 16

We shipped an Innovative Marine Nano 16 black tank to our customer and received great feedback. We got this beautiful photo of an aqua scape in progress in the new tank as well as a positive message saying:

52 Weeks of Reefing – Week 2: Tank and Stand #BRS160

The first step to a reef aquarium is choosing your tank and stand. You most likely spend much time and money making your home look good so that it suits your style and needs. When buying an aquarium,… Read More

Great Reef Aquarium Shop

I’ve been to several reef aquariums in South Africa which were great but Idol Marine impressed me and pretty much blew me away. Idol Marine specializes in marine livestock and reef aquariums and don’t stock any freshwater fish… Read More