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Happy Customer – AI Hydra 52s

Our customer is extremely satisfied with AquaIllumination’s Hydra 52 lights and Director controller. He runs a Red Sea Max C-250 reef tank and converted the lid to hold the Hydra 52 lights.

How to Cycle a Saltwater Tank

Cycling a saltwater aquarium is essential to make it safe for livestock such as fish and corals.

Red Sea Reef Base Aragonite

The Red Sea reef base is sea sand made from natural aragonite sources and it is used for the base of reef/marine/saltwater aquariums. Red Sea reef base is very fine aragonite and comes in Ocean White and Ocean… Read More


Welcome to Aqua Fanatic! Who Are We? We have a passion for aquatics which includes the livestock and all other factors such as the science and the equipment behind it. About What We Do Aqua Fanatic provides useful… Read More