52 Weeks of Reefing – Week 2: Tank and Stand #BRS160

52 Weeks of Reefing – Week 2: Tank and Stand #BRS160

The first step to a reef aquarium is choosing your tank and stand.

You most likely spend much time and money making your home look good so that it suits your style and needs. When buying an aquarium, you want both the tank and stand to blend in with that level of detail and quality that you have in your home.

Type of Tanks

There are three major groups of tanks available:

  1. Tanks that you buy at your common pet store.
  2. All in one aquarium sets specifically designed for marine/reef aquariums
  3. Custom built tanks if you want something specific and special

Let’s have a look at them quick:

1. Common Breeding Tanks


These are usually referred to as breeding tanks. They have thin glass, may be more affordable but not as elegant looking. They are often bare without any filtration or other equipment and are perfectly suited for freshwater fish. Many reef hobbyists use them as sumps or quarantine tanks since they may not be aesthetically suitable as a main display tank.

2. All in One Aquarium Sets/Kits


Innovative Marine Nuvo Nano 16

All in one tank sets are the most common tanks that reefers use. They range from small to large, with or without lights, with or without a stand/cabinet, with or without filtration, etc. Most of them usually provide some sort of plug and play functionality so that you can start a reef aquarium almost instantly. These are also the tanks/aquariums that we retail.

Have a look at our aquariums/tanks in our online store. There is a great range available at amazing prices! If you have any questions regarding which tanks include lights and which include cabinets/stands, please feel free to contact us.

Innovative Marine Shallow Reef 120

Innovative Marine Shallow Reef 120

3. Custom Built Tanks


For something very specific you can have someone build a tank for you from either glass or acrylic. It is not necessarily the more expensive route but may end up costing more once you start calculating the cost of equipment on top of the aquarium itself. If you are a serious reefer or you want a tank that will fit into the design of your home or office, this is a good choice.

Watch the Video

Watch Week 2: Tank and Stand from BulkReefSupply video for more insight:

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